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The typical street in Aux de Provence


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For you Tyson. Amazing music from this thing. Zoom in and y


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As we left Marseilles, the prison from "the Count of Monte C


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Marseilles, France

Aux de Provence

Due to a strike and demonstrations in Rome our itinerary was changed. We won't be visiting Naples, we were bummed as I was very much looking forward to Pompeii. Our alternate location became Marcieilles, France. We took a tour to Aix de Provence. It was anise drive through the French countryside to Provence. It is a city part medieval and part French renaissance. We passed through roan walls as we walked from on part of the city to the other. We enjoyed some yummy French pastries, and explored the city on foot. Enjoy the pictures!

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A snack (croissant) in a French Cafe in Nice


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