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The brass guilded doors on the baptistry. Done by a father 09.12.2011
The Cathedral in Florence is in the background, white and mo 09.12.2011
Beautiful Florence, Italy! I must return. 09.12.2011
The bellower in Florence 09.12.2011
Mary in front of the Cathedral in Florence 09.12.2011
David, the copy in an outdoor square. A true renaissance ma 09.12.2011
Beautiful Florence, Italy! I must return. 09.12.2011
The Pulpit at the Cathedral in Piza. Really cool. The symbol 09.12.2011
I loved this one! Taking off Medusa's head! 09.12.2011
A must do photo, I can straighten it up! 09.12.2011
The Cathedral and Tower in Pisa 09.12.2011
The Cathedral and Tower in Pisa 09.10.2011
Mary is tiny but mighty! 09.10.2011
Just the tower! Cool! 09.10.2011
Both of us at Pisa 09.10.2011
Dinner after Florence 09.10.2011
Beautiful Florence 09.10.2011
Spanish Steps in Rome. 09.10.2011
The oldest thing we saw in Rome, an obelisk that The Romans 09.10.2011
We tossed two coins into Trevino Fountain 09.10.2011
The Vatican Swiss Guard. I didn't realize the drama with th 09.10.2011
Just hundreds of bc sculptures in one room! Wow! 09.10.2011
The Pantheon in Rome! A don't miss site! 09.10.2011
Check out those Roman columns 09.10.2011
The Coliseum in Rome. 09.10.2011
St. Peters Basilica 09.10.2011
The sculptures were all amazing to see, and all in one place 09.10.2011
This sculpture at the Vatican Laocoon was a favorite of mine 09.10.2011
Inside the Pantheon, what an amazing place and historic buil 09.10.2011
Can one do Rome in a day? 09.10.2011
Cathedral in Aux de Provence 09.09.2011
The door carvings were incredible. Takes me back to scrooge 09.09.2011
Courtyard and entry to a large home in Provence, France 09.09.2011
A typical storefront in the renaissance side of Aux de Prove 09.09.2011
I love the Roman walls! 09.09.2011
For you Tyson. Amazing music from this thing. Zoom in and y 09.09.2011
The typical street in Aux de Provence 09.09.2011
As we left Marseilles, the prison from "the Count of Monte C 09.09.2011
Marseilles, France 09.09.2011
Monaco Harbor, The Magic, and Bob! 09.05.2011
Eze, The old town 09.05.2011
A snack (croissant) in a French Cafe in Nice 09.05.2011
The Monaco Cathedral 09.05.2011
A cannon at Prince Phillip's Palace 09.05.2011
Monte Carlo, Monaco 09.05.2011
I love those Gaudi lizards! Parc Guell 09.05.2011
Mary Ellen and Bob at Parc Guell 09.05.2011
Such a cool place! Gaudi's Parc Guell 09.05.2011
Bob and Mary Ellen at Parc Guell 09.05.2011
This must have been Gaudi's practice for Sagrada Familia 09.05.2011
Monte Carlo, Monaco! 09.05.2011
Our first look at Magic in Barcelona! 09.05.2011
Cruising the Mediterranean, yeah! 09.05.2011
Oh yes, we crashed a wedding at Cathedral Maria del Mar. We 09.03.2011
Sagrada Familia construction again-amazing the size and scop 09.03.2011
Sagrada Familia under construction....for 14 more years! 09.03.2011
The ceiling at the Palau de Musica in Barcelona 09.03.2011
Ceiling # 2 09.03.2011
Day 3 - Barcelona 09.03.2011
Climbing the spires Sagrada Familia 09.03.2011
Our City Bus Tour 09.03.2011
At the Palau de Musica in Barcelona - Manuel Gonzalez, Spani 09.03.2011
The Palau de Musica is Awesome! 09.03.2011
The Podzie's and Blairs at Sagrada Familia - truly amazing! 09.03.2011
[Untitled Blog Entry] 09.02.2011
Barcelona 09.02.2011
[Untitled Blog Entry] 09.02.2011
[Untitled Blog Entry] 09.02.2011
Arial Tramway to Montserrat 09.02.2011
Montserrat Montastery 09.02.2011
Casa Batllo 09.02.2011
[Untitled Blog Entry] 09.02.2011
Our first photo in Barcelona! 09.01.2011
View from atop the Barcelona Cathedral 09.01.2011
The Roman ruins in the Barcelona Museo de Historia 09.01.2011
Podzie with Mr. transparent on The Rambla! 09.01.2011
Dinner in Barcelona 09.01.2011
Barcelona 09.01.2011
Two days before departure 08.29.2011